Nic Lansdell

Having enjoyed over 10 years working as a successful economist on the design and implementation of environmental markets, Nic Lansdell decided it was time to see where her love of stories, art, music and children would take her.
The idea behind Bizzibrains’ personalised stories began with her daughters who loved having their names substituted into their bedtime stories. Their giggles and engagement as they imagined themselves in the stories got Nic thinking, writing, dreaming and planning.
In 2013 she founded Bizzibrains with the aim of producing gorgeous apps in which kids create the characters. The apps blend kids photos and voices into beautifully illustrated stories that are packed full of fun, educational interactions.
I imagine was Bizzibrains first app. Designed to develop literacy skills, encourage creativity and build independence it has had over 1.7 million sessions in the few months it has been released. Children come back to read it again and again.
Nic is currently producing Bizzibrains’ next app. Excitement is building for this app (scheduled for release around Christmas 2014) which is designed to help kids transition into kindergarten or school. It has the received a big thumbs from Screen Australia who are helping Bizzibrains fund development of the app.